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Andre Gasiorowski is a co-founder or the Raise the Praise. He was born and raised in Poland. Since 1990 he moved for  two years to Houston, Texas with his wife Bozena Gasiorowski and two children - Luke and Maggie. In 1992 they emigrated to Israel. Andre is a medical doctor (M.D.), a musician (piano, synthesizers, violin, bass), composer (music to over 250 songs, movie soundtracks, arranger & music producer of over 30 albums (techno, electronic, ethnics, pop, funk, rock), digital art designer (computerized graphics, sound engineering, sound & video productions and post-productions), writer (lyrics to over 200 songs, several books, articles to various professional magazines). Since he his childhood he was playing piano and violin, spending 13 years for  classical music intensive education at the State Music High School and Music College in Poland (mastering playing violin and piano),  used to be the leader of many bands. Since 1990 he is mainly involved with G-Forces. Andre is recently working on new albums (with Gavriel Butler, G-Forces, two of "Raise the Praise" projects), and soundtrack for films for the Global Television Network Inc.

artistic bio: Andre is a member and partner in the syndicated productions group -  JArt Productions. He is active in show-business (co-producing various live and TV music productions, events and festivals) as the co-owner of production companies; financing and co-producing several international music TV productions. This includes 'Guitar Legends' Festival' Festival in Seville, Spain, which was broadcasted live by 42 TV stations in the world to a TV audience of 500 million, and many other productions through Tribute Productions and Park Studio. In 1991, through Viva Art Music, he co-organized and co-produced 'Christian Artist Festival' in Poland, for the 2nd visit of Pope John Paul II to Poland during the Global Youth Conference, with over 1 million live audience. Since then he has been involved in the co-production of many other internationally broadcasted music concerts and festivals in Europe, mainly with praise and worship music. Andre was an executive producer of the Raise the Praise Concert - Jerusalem March 2002 organized with the Raise the Praise Productions, Jerusalem Municipality and it's mayor - Ehud Olmert, Israeli TV Channel 1, and the Israeli Broadcasting Authority. Andre was appointed by the Israeli Knesset appropriate committee to be an executive producer for the concert in Jerusalem of three religions (Jews, Christian, Arabs) sponsored and patronized by the State of Israel. His recent vision is to organize an annual international the Raise the Praise Music Festival in Caesarea, Israel.

artists promoted and produced (country tours or single concerts):  pop music: Julio Iglessias, Elton John, Michel Jackson, Tony Braxton, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Jean Michel Jarre,  Pink Floyd, Gipsy King, Roger Waters, Bruce Hornsby, Les Paul, Robbie Roberts, Richard Thompson, Roger McGuinn, Art Garnfunken, East 17, Brian Adams; rock: Bob Dylan, David Coperfield, Keith Richards, Joe Cocker, Jack Bruce, Robert Cray, Richard Thompson, Phil Manzanera, Steve Cropper, Brian May (Queen), Joe Walsh, Joe Satriani, Cozy Powell, Rick Wakeman, Steve Vai, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Gary Cherone & Nuno, Buttencourt from Extreme; blues: Bo Didley, Robert Cray, Dave Edmunds, BB King, Albert King, Steve Cropper, The Miami Horns; jazz: George Benson, John McLaughin, Stanley Clarke, Larry Coryell, Paco de Lucia, Rickie Lee Jones , Aldi Meola, Chick Corea, Harbie Hancok; gospel: BB&CC Winians, Philadelphia Gospel Choir; classic: Luciano Pawarotti,  Placido Domingo,  Jose Carreras. 


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Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, Ph.D., M.D.

Raise the Praise - President & C.E.O


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Andre Gasiorowski film soundtracks

Andre Gasiorowski fy. Julia

Andre Gasiorowski vs. Yoad Nevo

Andre Gasiorowski fy. Mietek Szczesniak

Andre Gasiorowski fy. Beata Bednarz

Andre Gasiorowski fy. Gavriel Butler

Andre Gasiorowski fy. G-Forces

Andre Gasiorowski fy. Perfect


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. sponsorship

Raise the Praise - Esther House 2006

Song of Songs Festival 2006

Tribute to Pope John Paul II 2004

Song of Songs Festival 2003

Raise the Praise - Jerusalem March 2002

Good News Festival 1990

Good News Festival 1991

Guitar Legends by EXPO 1992


albums << albums, singles, compilations

Armageddon Andre vs. Yoad Nevo

Oscillator Andre vs. Yoad Nevo

Linia Andre ft.G-Forces

Remember me Andre ft.G-Forces

My Dream Andre ft.Gavriel & Eddie Buler

El Shadday Andre ft.Gavriel Buler

Promised Land Andre ft Julia

Be yourself Andre ft. Julia

Samotnosc  Andre ft. Mietek Szczesniak

Pieniadze Andre ft. Beata Bednarz

Niezwyciezony Andre ft. Perfect

Head Room 1 Andre vs. Yoad Nevo

Gead Room 2 Andre vs. Yoad Nevo

Spiewnik Pielgrzyma Andre ft.G-Forces

Exodus  Andre ft.G-Forces

Is anybody there? Andre ft.G-Forces

Shoulder to Shoulder Gospel Sound

Ostatnia Wieczerza Beata Bednarz

Uwielbiam Cie Beata Bednarz

Ojcze Niebieski Poslani

Gdzie jestes? Poslani

Poslani Poslani

Dlaczego ja? Poslani